Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another World...

...another day, are old things truly passed away! I love old things! I guess I always have, sort of. Thirty years ago, though (giving away my age), I began to have a deep stirring, a spiritual sensitivity over old things (I realize how strange that probably sounds). It really bothered me at the time. I had just laid down much of my seeking after 'things' two years prior, for the purpose of focusing my attentions on the Lord more. I felt that He'd asked that of me. He wasn't denying me anything. It was a filtering process that I needed to go through. So when this interest in 'things' began to spark, once more, I immediately assumed that I was pathetically weak and already returning without enough resistance, to that materialistic extreme that I'd just released myself from. What I was feeling however, wasn't a lust for temporal stuff, it was instead a groaning, grieving sadness and an enormous appreciation for the period of time (and the very people) that the articles themselves stood for. I knew that these feelings weren't truly owned by me. They were rather, a divine impartation from the Lord. At the time, I was incapable of grasping hold of the sense of it all. And He evidently didn't deem it necessary to share His reasoning then either. But now, finally - all these many years later. Guess what?

From the moment I walked through the door and entered into the room where I would set about to initiate and complete this project (this site) it has been, well, let's see, how can I describe it? I guess this little illustration might do: A construction worker shows up on a designated site to do his job. Suddenly, to his surprise, a steady stream of long lost friends begins to show up on the site to visit him. I tell you, memories - like children dancing in my attic, springing out of a treasured trunk, with me ascending the stairs to see 'what was the matter', have held me in audience from the onset of this project. I've found myself wondering what I've actually gotten myself into, here. Why are such old unanswered questionings, coming to lock arms and partner with their answers, now? (I'm beginning to feel as though I've been caught in a long, type of a, plotting out. And, I see Him as the mastermind behind it all. Somehow I have the distinct feeling that the 'truth' is about to be exposed.) Could it be that the answers are forthcoming now, for their relevance to this time - a time demanding answers, at that?

You'll be able to tell from this site, that I do love times past. I'm not stuck in the mud though. Nothing like that! I'm not a stationary person, in that way, anyway. I love all of the new stuff out now: technology, modern conveniences, fashion, etc. I don't oppose too much in the way of advancement, as long as it's unto a use for good. I'm very capable of adapting to and even being excited with change. However, I'm seeing a disconcerting, progressive 'new wave' emerging, in the way of human behavior, that frankly has me on my knees. And that same groaning and grieving over things past has (interestingly enough) returned.

This blog will be far different from the usual that you would log onto. I could sell my creative handmade items here, and oh, how I've been encouraged to do so. And I just may do that on a separate site. I could share foods, movies, small talk, all of which are great and I enjoy them myself. However, I am hard pressed to share something here, that acts as a persistent distraction to me (at the moment) from the things that I would prefer to focus on. Someone has got to take time out to address the greater issues, and I for one, am compelled to do just that.

Having said that... read on at your own risk!

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