Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Missing Priesthood Among Humanity ...

On July 4th, 2004 - at precisely 3:00 A.M. - the Lord awakened me with yet another lengthy vision. This one was to "fathers" ... feeling held down, held back, or hindered; by the weight of responsibility for their families.

There was much in this message, that I at first, I had no comprehension of. Part of the vision included "anchors"; little weights like those used in fishing; ... "a wedding gown"; with the focus being on the intricacies in the lacework; a man standing beneath a windmill and the fans consistently hitting him in the head (but he never moved out of harms way); him uttering,"Why, why, why does life always seem to go wrong for me?" Then, a little boy with a fishing pole walking alone, until Jesus appears and walks alongside. He takes the little boys' hand in His own and asks him to follow. They come to a stream of clear water, where Jesus points out a school of fish. Jesus singles out one little fish and instructs the little boy to keep his eye on him, to watch the fish maneuver and navigate; to notice how he dodges his way around those things that would be of danger to him. Then he tells the small boy that if he's willing to listen and learn, he, like the fish, will come to knowledge that will equip and enable him to navigate through his life safely and successfully.

In the writing of my book (which came two months later), the Lord reeled me into an eyeopening examination of the scriptures regarding the Levitical Priesthood; the rich and deeply hidden truth of that divinely appointed institution representing "fatherhood"! It was a sharp, new insight and clarity that came streaming forth, illuminating me, as the Lord, yes, "opened these scriptures unto me"! An amazingly glorious revelation of the Father's highest form of love for his people came streaming in unto me! This study brought to light "diamonds"; small details that acted as piercing shafts of light to my mind, heart and soul. I saw for the first time in my life, the love of God in it's purest, most refined form! I came to understand His "finery" in the working out of His salvation, every day, in our lives.

The Lord said that this teaching given to and received by all today - but in particular His Church - would bring about a "revolution"! He began to show me the absenteeism of the New Testament Priesthood amongst us at present; the absenteeism of fatherhood on every post, in every aspect, arena and institution within the dealings of man today.

The entire second half of the book is devoted to the revelation of God's view of that Priesthood for our world. There is an astounding correlation between 1) the institution of the Priesthood given on Mt. Sinai in Exodus 28; 2) the return of Jesus in Matt 24; 3) the last days prior as recorded in Matthew 24; all expounded on in the latter pages of the book. At the conclusion, the Lord said, "Where are the Fathers to father? Do you understand who will be accountable for this day?"

Izzy Herriette & Co / Ginger D. Renken

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