Thursday, December 27, 2012

Story behind the picture with umbrella: July 2006 - I had just heard "air raid" warnings in the Holy Spirit (something I'd never heard before), and the Lord spoke, "If one of these were to be sounded in your nation today, no one would be able to identify it!"

Moments later, lying face down (in prayer) in my parents home, I said, "Lord, I believe I see what you want me to do here: hold an area wide meeting, disclosing the "warnings" of the contents of the book: Manifesto-Before The Cock Crows. I need a picture for advertisement though, Lord. You know that I don't have the funding for that, at present. I'm going to go home to Tulsa now."

I'd been in Webster City (by the leading of the Lord) for nearly two months; meeting with pastors in the area. The Lord answered only, "The next person you speak to, I want you to ask them these questions: 1) Did you know of 9/11/01 before it took place? 2) Did you have knowledge of the Iraq War before it actually came about? 3) Did you know that President Bush would be president and serve two consecutive terms; before the fact? 4) Did you know that in 1989, a "New Wind" began blowing in the realm of the Spirit, in the earth? I did!" 

One hour later, directed by the Lord to venture downtown, and upon my entrance through the doors of a local grocery, a voice called out from behind me. It was David from David's Gallery - a dear friend. We spoke, and he inquired my reason for being in Iowa. I shared that I was there for the book I'd written. At that point, the Lord reminded me of His orders earlier, on the floor. It was then that I posed the questions, as directed. After some time of sharing the content of the book, to my complete surprise, David looked at me and asked, "When do you return home? If there's time before, please come to the shop. I would like to do a photo shoot for you. You will need pictures for your book, meetings, advertisement, etc. It will be my donation to "the cause," as I believe so in your message!

The truth: The realization of what had just transpired there in that store, didn't hit me, until halfway down the second isle. God is so GOOD! His WORKS declare His Name!

My sincere thanks and deep appreciation go out to David and Vicki (David's Gallery-Webster City, IA) for the photo session! God bless you for your contribution! 

And God continue to help us move: "Onward - With The Cause"!

Thank you for your heart towards these matters, David!


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