Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tribute to My Father:

Oh, my father!  My hero!  I can't speak of my father without tears.  I owe him everything!  All that I am today, is because of the role that he chose to play in my life, growing up.  My dad was far from perfect but he is perfect in my eyes today.  Every single time the doors were open to the church that I grew up in, we were there.  Church people were our family members and our biological family members were all so close together too.  We had such closeness back then.  My father and mother are honored by almost all who know them.  They are the most rock solid people I know.  Their faith has never waned once over these many years.  They are true 'standard bearers' for God and His ways.  I am so thankful that my parents throughout their married years, never gave a split second's thought to divorce!  Even though it was rough sometimes. Having been divorced myself (many years ago, now)  I have become a despiser of divorce.   I just can't say enough about the security and the many benefits of a family that never separates itself.  None of my family members, Aunts, Uncles, have ever divorced, it just wasn't something they wanted to do.  Family!  My father was awesome with us as children.  He played with us, took us ice skating, sledding, social and church functions.  My parents were always there!  I can't imagine having to grow up as a child, with your parents torn apart.  It grieves me to see it happening in almost every household today.  It breaks my heart to see the children suffering so.  I don't look down on or condemn anyone for their lifestyle.  I just know, for myself, that God has reasons for what He says.  When He says, in His Word, that He hates divorce... I understand why now; experientially.  He's never wrong.  Many of us are broken because we've chosen our own paths to walk in.  Lord restore us!

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