Thursday, December 27, 2012

This "shaft of light"!

This is the second time in thirty years of walking closely with the Lord that I have experienced this pheonomenun.

The first time was in 1983. This experience occurred just weeks after I'd been denied, by binding circumstances at that time, quite an extraordinary opportunity; one I’d been waiting for all of my life. Someone had heard our music and desired to put us on a “circuit” going into churches all over the nation. In addition to, their offer was to pay any/all outstanding debt we may have had and to purchase whatever would further be necessary for us to fulfill that position: vehicle, clothing, etc.

Some weeks following that loss, having moved into a home with a new daughter and my husband newly established in his job, I was working around the house when the Lord interrupted me with this amazing experience:

I was folding clothes in the room adjacent to our dining room. Suddenly something struck me, one of those “God things”! I found myself immediately turned completely around, just in time to see this beam of light pouring in through one of three side-by-side windows and forming a perfect circle on the center of the dining room floor.

Accompanying this light, was a voice, asking if I was going to "… come into the circle?” Upon my entrance into the center of the streaming shaft, I found myself falling instantly to my knees. At once, I was caught up in an open vision. There before me was a "lamb" being lifted from a well. It was initially very difficult to distinguish the form of the small and fragile entity - wet, matted and bloodied. My view was from above the cistern, looking directly and up close, down into the opening. Having been given no introduction to the vision, I was taken aback to begin with, which is usually the case surrounding visions I have. I could see hands ... beautiful, loving hands that gently conformed to the shape of the object that I couldn’t yet clearly distinguish. Things came more and more into focus and I was then able to identify the maimed object as that of a “lamb".

Next came a loud noise, coming from the left side, accompanied by a vision of a printing press. The noise was from the press in operation. There, coming off of the press, were fresh sheets of American dollars.

Thus the vision.

The next morning as I returned up the sidewalk of our home to re-enter the house, out of the corner of my eyes, I noticed something "white" in our bushes. I walked over to examine the object closer. There, in the bushes, was a stuffed white lamb. The Holy Spirit came over me so powerfully ... I could hardly remain standing.

I have always believed that the vision was God's way of telling me that if we would go and preach the gospel to those lost and fallen sheep, the money would be there to support the work he had called into being and laid to our charge.

This beam in these particular photos, came on 2/17/10, while taking photos on "photo booth" for the first time! Suddenly, unexpectedly, this beam came precisely over my forehead; going further to form a sun and a perfect cross on the wall beneath. Then came a jogging of my memory, as this was a dream I'd been given just the night before, and had forgotten all about it! Now it was manifesting, live and recordable, on photo booth. The same beam that had come to me several times over the past months, as I was enduring some of the severest trials I'd ever faced in my life. I knew it was his way of saying, "I am here! You are still mine and I still have a work for you to do!"

Why share these photos? Because I believe He is still requiring me to share what things He has given me –for the salvation and deliverance of the “still lost and fallen sheep”!

So, I will continue.

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